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Buydiscount watches website advertised many Watches and advises in the web site that the goods will be shipped within 24 hours of payment. I selected a watch by picture on this website and placed it in my cart known as the eternal date P_PHL-76. The seller buydiscount watches was reluctant to recieve payment via Paypal and wanted to pay through Visa card which I don't have. However I paid 154 US$ by Paypal after negotiations with seller on the agreement that the watch is genuine and in the Original makers box. Also per their advertisement that the watch will be shipped in 24 hours by EMS China.

Upon my prompt payment and awaiting for the EMS China Tracking Number as they said would send within 24 hours, never happened. The seller buydiscountwatches replied my several e-mail inquries saying that first it wil be shipped within 48 hoiurs and so on by several postponements and deviated from the original agreement by lying and finally said shipped after 78 hours!. They sent me a tracking # and when I checked the China EMS website stated that " No record of this tracking" which evidences nit shipped. However, they like most Chinese sellers who lie with disregard to customers, posted a day after.

I recieved my watch in a cheap cardboard box wrapped unprofessionally with brown colour gum tape over polythen type paper. Opening I found a red cheap cardboard box and the watch was a counterfeit / fake Patek Philippe branded Chinese made mechanical watch with a dial same as the picture I saw before ordering.

The seller is using his site advertising falsely to show that the watches are genuine and authentic but is a Chinese criminal seling Couterfeit watches violating Title 18 Part 1 Section 113 US Code 2320 also knwn as Lenham Act, prescribing 5 - 10 years in Jail and or 5 -10 milliion Dollars fines!

I had immediately contacted them and informed that the watch recieved was a cheap fake mechanical watch and wanted refund and also indicated that I will file a claim with Paypal if nit refunded by him voluntarily.

The sellers name is Fu Rong Guo but presumably operating with a computer and a solo operative selling fake / counterfeit watches. Also using the name of a woman "Leona" as the signatory of e-mails.

I have also informed US Homeland Security and Interpol against this site selling counterfeits.

Also the seller had written false reccomendations by purported buyers reccomending the site while there is no provision inthe website to rate the seller another Chinese bogus advert.

All must take care of this fraud and the Criminal masquarading in the internet pretending to be a big store with amany pictures of watches of hundred brands. It is believed that this solo seller and fraud Fu Rong Guo the name in Paypal account as payee, buys fake wathces from Chinese counterfeit factories after reciept payment and he has no watches as such in stock at all.

Now this "Leona" sends me usual excuse to send them photos of the product recieved. The fraud is they said that they double check and see every item before posting! Contradictory statements by crooks and cheats from China.

Now I m stuck with tius fake useless watch not working properly as it runs fast and the day turns into night on eternal time indicator. Further more they sent me mail from "Leona" the name thus Chinese Fu Rong Guo hides behind and asked me to place another order to resend the correct product ! Now seeking thjr fraud for the second time.

Thes ecouhnterfeit watches are cheap in China, hog kong and in Thailand and breaks in a few days and are so cheap as 25 - 35 $. The crook riped me for 154 US$. for this amiunt I could easily buy a decent good Japanese watch in Japan I live

Beware of these Chinese crooks at

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